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Bus Group installs Beijing Kaixuanmen bus washing machine for delivery

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Bus Group

The car washing principle of the Arc de Triomphe reciprocating car washing machine is to park the car in the center of the car washing room, and the equipment runs back and forth on the track to complete the entire car washing process. (The vehicle does not move, the equipment is moving.) It is characterized by low maintenance costs and flexible operation, which is suitable for small and medium investors or investors in small and medium cities and counties.

Fast continuous car washing

The Fujian bus company uses five brushes. The Arc de Triomphe reciprocating car washing equipment can wash cars quickly, and can achieve the washing capacity of 40-80 cars per hour. Its introduction greatly meets the needs of large business sites and small car washing. For the needs of customers with a small site area, this equipment is rugged and durable. Its appearance takes into account the preferences of domestic and foreign customers. It has strong adaptability to the site and excellent performance.


Equipment advantages EQUIPMENT ADVANTAGES
Pros: Excellent design
1. Germany Siemens PLC automatic computer control system
2. Integral frame structure: after welding, the whole is galvanized, the whole is plastic sprayed, there is no solder joint corrosion, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life
3. The overall structure adopts double-C box structure, which has a stable structure and stable performance. Car wash smooth
4. Water wax system: automatic and manual control to ensure that the car is beautiful and the paint is maintained after washing.
5. The split-type guide plate ensures independent functions and does not interfere with each other.
6. Colored foam to ensure the decomposition of insoluble foreign matter such as oil stains, proteins on the body
7. Fixed fan: advanced technology, reliable quality, stable performance, strong wind, and never rust.
8. High-pressure water system: Multi-stage centrifugal high-pressure pump, with strong pressure and complete functions, with multi-stage filtration and anti-freezing in winter.
9. High-pressure rocking waterjet: Make sure the car is washed in advance, soak the vehicle, wash down the sand, leaves, etc.

Pros: Many highlights
1. Various cleaning, delicate and no dead ends, good cleaning effect.
2. Low use cost and strong economy.
3. High-resolution sensor, PLC control, high safety.
4. One-button car wash, easy to operate.
5. Car washing is safe and reliable: The core components are international brands such as Siemens, Fuji, SMG, Omron, Schneider
6. Fixed blower, good drying effect.
7. Energy saving, environmental protection, water saving and low noise.
8. Menu-type design, colorful screen display, traffic light indication, touch screen display fault comes with fault identification code, fault is easy to identify and easy to eliminate.

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