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Gas station Kaixuanmen reciprocating fully automatic car washer delivered!

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Reciprocating automatic car washing machine

The Anshan gas station in Liaoning chose the Arc de Triomphe reciprocating car washer. The principle is to park the car in the center of the car washing equipment, and the equipment reciprocates on the track to complete the entire car washing process. (The car doesn't move, the equipment moves)

It is characterized by low maintenance costs, flexible operation, small footprint, energy saving and environmental protection, and low operating costs. Beijing Arc de Triomphe gantry car wash has high quality, low maintenance, precision technology and innovative functions as well as perfect cleaning results.

Interior of a gas station


Advantage one: excellent design
    1. Germany Siemens PLC automatic computer control system
    2. Integral frame structure: after welding, the whole is galvanized, the whole is plastic sprayed, there is no solder joint corrosion, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life
    3. The overall structure adopts double-C box structure, which has a stable structure and stable performance. Car wash smooth
    4. Water wax system: automatic and manual control to ensure the beauty of the car and the maintenance of the paint.
    5. Colored foam, to ensure the decomposition of oily, protein and other insoluble foreign matter on the body.
    6. Induction conveyor with stable structure and sensitive induction.
    7. Fixed fan: advanced technology, reliable quality, stable performance, strong wind, and never rust.
    8. High-pressure water system: Multi-stage centrifugal high-pressure pump, with strong pressure and complete functions, with multi-stage filtration and anti-freezing in winter.
    9. High-pressure rocking waterjet: Make sure the car is washed in advance, soak the vehicle, wash down the sand, leaves, etc.
Advantage two: more functions
    1. Wipe-free prewashing-high pressure water washing-foam-brushing-weak water washing-spray water wax-blow dry
Advantage three: many highlights
   1. A variety of cleaning, long brushing time, delicate and no dead ends, good cleaning effect.
    2. Low use cost and strong economy.
    3. High-resolution sensor, PLC control, high safety.
    4. One-button car wash, easy to operate.
    5. Car washing is safe and reliable: The core components are Siemens, Fuji, SMG, Omron, Schneider and other top international brands
    6. Fixed blower, good drying effect.
    7. Environmental protection and low noise.
    8. Energy saving and water saving.
    9. Menu-type design, colorful screen display, traffic light indication, touch screen display fault comes with fault identification code, fault is easy to identify and easy to eliminate.

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