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Installation of Arc de Triomphe reciprocating bus high pressure car washing machine in Wuhu, Anhui Province

Commercial vehicle wash · 2019-11-12 Share:

Anhui Wuhu Chery installed Arc de Triomphe reciprocating bus high-pressure car washing machine test car wash

product description:

Anhui Wuhu Chery installation Arc de Triomphe reciprocating bus high-pressure car wash uses a reciprocating cleaning structure, the front, side and rear parts of the vehicle are cleaned by two vertical brushes, one horizontal brush is responsible for cleaning the top, two groups of brushes are responsible for cleaning the front and rear Tires and under the glass. The car wash process is completed by the driver driving the vehicle during cleaning. The car wash machine can perform continuous car wash, with high automation, small floor space and water conservation.


Arcting door reciprocating bus washing machine AT-4500-T channel type car washing machine has the basic functions of automatic detection of vehicles, automatic brushing of the body, automatic high pressure cleaning wheel, automatic spray foam cleaning liquid, automatic spraying of bright wax, automatic recycling of sewage.


Advantage 1: Excellent design
     1. Adopting German Siemens PLC automatic computer control system
     2. The overall frame structure: after welding, the whole galvanizing, the overall spray, no solder joint rust, strong anti-corrosion ability, long service life
     3. The overall structure adopts double C-type box structure, which has stable structure and stable performance. Smooth car wash
     4. Water wax system: automatic and manual control to ensure the car is bright and paint maintenance.
     5. Split-type positive swaying plate ensures independent function and does not interfere with each other.
     6. Inductive conveyor, stable structure and sensitive.
     7. Fixed fan: It adopts advanced technology, reliable quality, stable performance, strong wind and never rust.
     8. High-pressure water system: multi-stage centrifugal high-pressure pump, with strong pressure and complete functions, with multi-stage filtration and anti-freezing function in winter.
     9. High-pressure rocking water knife: Make sure the car wash is pre-washed, soak the vehicle, sand, leaves and so on.
     10. Colored foam to ensure the decomposition of oil stains on the body, poorly soluble foreign matter such as protein
Advantage 2: More functions
     1. Wipe-free pre-washing - high pressure water rinse - foam - brushing - weak water wash - spray water wax - blow dry
Advantage three: more highlights
     1. A variety of cleaning, long brushing time, fine no dead angle, good cleaning effect.
     2. Low cost of use and strong economy.
     3. High-resolution sensor, PLC control, high security.
     4. One-button car wash, easy to operate.
     5. Car wash safe and reliable: the core components use Siemens, Fuji, SMG, Omron, Schneider and other international top brands
     6. Fix the blower and dry it.
     7. Environmental protection and low noise.
     8. Energy saving and water saving.
     9. Menu design, colorful screen display, traffic light indication, touch screen display fault self-contained fault identification code, fault easy to identify, easy to exclude.

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