kaixuanmen Introduction

Beijing Natural Green Environment Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Beijing Kaixuanmen Car Washing Machine) is a modern high-tech enterprise established in 2000, specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of car wash equipment. The National Development and Reform Commission is the first batch of car wash equipment manufacturers.

The company has strong technical strength, excellent human resources management personnel, and experienced sales and service personnel. The production area is located in the National New Media Industrial Base-Development Zone of Daxing District, Beijing. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters.

In the "people-oriented" design concept, the "Arc de Triomphe" series of car wash equipment was launched to meet the needs of customers. Main products: reciprocating car washing machine, tunnel car washing machine, bus washing machine, train tunnel car washing machine, high pressure water knife washing machine.

Strong brand awareness makes us pay more attention to the quality of products and the connotation of services. The original components of the "Arc de Triomphe" car wash equipment are: Siemens, Fuji, SMG, Omron, Schneider, Xiaojinjing and other world-renowned brands.

The fast and efficient repair service mode and the all-round personnel training method are well received by customers. The company is equipped with maintenance special vehicles and maintenance engineers to meet customer needs. And for the customer to train professional car washing machine operators free of charge, technical training and technical training.

  • Focus on car washing equipment manufacturing for 20 years

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    Factory production area of more than 20,000 square meters

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    Have 300+ employees

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    Hundreds of patents and technical certifications

  • Industry benchmarking company, trustworthy

    Provide one-stop service for our customers to ensure the products bring real benefits to customers

  • Free service project

    Covers product consultation, equipment maintenance training, site design, equipment installation and commissioning, equipment operation training, maintenance during the warranty period, etc.

Qualified parts

Adopting the global supply chain system, importing and using imported parts in large quantities, the quality of the products is guaranteed, and the cost performance is high, but the price is far lower than that of foreign counterparts.


Strictly implement the standard testing process to ensure the qualification of each component; each machine is rigorously tested before leaving the factory to ensure that all indicators of the machine meet the standard requirements.

Qualified installation

The products are installed on site in strict accordance with the process requirements, ensuring the performance of the equipment and making the equipment last longer.

Qualified assembly

Using standard assembly techniques, the assembly personnel are well trained to ensure that the product is fully qualified in assembly.

Quality and safety

Quality and safety guaranteed products and services! In addition to our innovative products, we offer the highest level of service for system installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair.

Qualified training

With the concept of maintenance and repair, full training, the operator has more equipment maintenance and use skills, the equipment can play your unexpected and unparalleled effect.

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